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จ๋าย : I live in london, now I'm studying a business english course @ English studio. To be frank, It was better than I expect, teachers are very cool, they are very cool except my latest teacher he's very boring!!


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จ๋าย : My life here umm... Let's say, its hard to adapt to work on noon and wake on early morning. The rest its fun, its really fun to b here.


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จ๋าย : I also know a little bit of english so I think I may skip this question as I graduated from Abac.


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จ๋าย : On the first time I thought I prefer to go to Manchester, and ur agent is the only one who provided school in manchester, so I choose u. Actually I decided to come to london after I found that in london we can easily find a job so I come to London.


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จ๋าย : For those who are coming to London bring only 2-3 cloth and plz forget flashlight its not necessary for London and if u prepare well u dnt need to get taxi from airport to ur room u can do student oyster 28 days b4 the class start!!!


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