King’s College London Launches Delhi Summer School

King’s College London – a leading UK university – has announced the opening of its first international Summer School campus in Delhi, India.

Courses such as international relations, international political economy and e-business will be taught at Miranda House College, Delhi University.

“A Summer School is a fantastic way to enrich your portfolio of skills and to get a head start in today’s globalised and fast-moving world.”

“We are grateful to Miranda House College for hosting our courses and for the hard work that they have put in to make this happen,” Tayyeb Shah, director of international strategy at King’s College London, said.

There will also be the opportunity for the brightest and best students who attend the Summer School to wins scholarships for study at King’s College London Summer School. A single scholarship each year will also be available to Delhi University faculty.

“India is one of the most fitting places in the world to teach international relations – a topic which deals with issues directly relevant to the present day.”

“India, being the world’s largest democracy, is a country where the study of international relations can bring empowerment to the state through the integration of its young people in the system of global governance,” said Dr Diana Bozhilova, who is teaching the international relations course.

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