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Writing a Good CV

Our students often ask us for help with their CVs. And in fact, with the recession bringing so much competition to the job market, especially for new graduates, writing a good CV is a must. With some sectors reporting over 400 applications for job, you really need to stand out from the crowd to stand any chance of success. Writing a good CV will land you an interview and hopefully a job. Present any employer with a bad or generalised CV and you condemn it to the shredder! In this tougher world we find ourselves in today, it’s  so important to remember these wise words: “the person who gets hired is not necessarily the one who can do the job best; but, the one who knows the most about how to get hired”.

A CV’s job is to get you an interview, not to tell your life story. And there’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than tailoring your CV for the job you’re applying to. Does your CV match any of the tell-tale signs of a generalised CV?

  • Written with no aim or target. More of a “hello world, enjoy my story?”
  • First page lacks imapct, CV writing layout is poor, hard to read and too many pages.
  • Written as a chronological document, starting with your address and detailing every education achievement obtained and past positions held.
  • You send the same, or closely the same, CV to every job you apply to.
  • Makes no use of terminology or busswords associated with the position you are applying to.

If this reminds you of your CV, then I recommend this CV writing guide which is full of CV writing tips and advice, CV writing layout help and some useful examples too.

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