How to Find Your Student Accommodation

For international students, finding a place to stay is high up on the list of priorities. Most have some kind of idea of what kind of place they’d like, but actually finding acceptable accommodation can be tricky. Here’s a quick list to help you on your way.

1. Start Early

You’d be surprised how quickly the best and most conveniently located student accommodation will be booked. Give yourself the widest possible choice by starting to look as early as you can. If you leave it too late, you could miss out on some great properties. Remember too that many areas don’t have enough accommodation, so get in early!

2. Where?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. Pick a couple of ideal areas and limit your property search to those areas. You quest for student accommodation will be much more efficient if done in this way. Living close to your education provider might be want you want (nice lie ins!) but, you should probably expect to pay extra for such a luxury. Don’t forget to research the local area, perhaps asking locals, friends and even your education agent – so you can avoid any undesirable areas – they may seem attractive, as rent is often quite a lot lower, but remember to stay safe.

3. To share or not?

If you live with friends or your fellow students, you can expect other costs related to your student accommodation to be lower. If you’re looking for students to share with, check local message boards, community groups online and your university students’ union.

4. Get viewing!

Arguably the most important step. You’d never buy something without seeing it, so why commit to renting property you haven’t seen? Viewing student accommodation is important to ensure you are happy with it, to ask any questions you may have and to see if you feel at home.

5. Extras?

Also find out what extras you will be responsible for paying. Some student accommodation includes wireless internet access and water, heating etc bills, whereas others will require you to pay this in addition to the rent.

6. How accessible?

What’s the transport like around the property? Can you easily get to and from university? How will you get back home late at night? What kind of time will have you to leave in the mornings to get to class on time?

Good luck!

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