VIDEO – IELTS Speaking 4 – Pronunciation

We’ve collected some videos providing tips for the IELTS test.

We have four videos for the Speaking test and one for the Writing test.

Today’s video is about pronunciation.

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This criteria focuses on the accuracy and variety of punctuation varieties:

  • Individual sounds – word spellings can sometimes confuse this
  • Word stress – stressing the wrong syllable in a word is a common error
  • Sentence stress – for instance, the way that some words in a sentence are emphasised or slightly louder
  • Intonation – the pitch of your voice as you speak
  • Chunking – talking in a rhythm that delivers chunks of words with short silences in between

To improve your pronunciation:

  • Find out how rhythm, intonation and stress differs from your native language
  • Ensure you understand the effect of intonation and stress on meaning
  • Practice using these in different ways
  • Refer to a dictionary to confirm the correct word stress if you are unsure
  • Listen to a variety of authentic English sources to become familiar with a range of pronunciation features
  • Don’t rush when you speak – this is a common mistake, and you might skip things
  • Record yourself and try to apply the above

Part 4 of 4:

Part 1: Fluency & Coherence

Part 2: Lexical Resource

Part 3: Grammatical range & accuracy

Part 4: Pronunciation

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