VIDEO – IELTS Speaking 3 – Grammatical Range & Accuracy

We’ve collected some videos providing tips for the IELTS test.

We have four videos for the Speaking test and one for the Writing test.

Today’s video is about grammatical range and accuracy.

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This criteria focuses on the range and accuracy of the test taker’s grammar while speaking.

The range of grammar includes using a variety of complex structures. These are complex structures. These are sentences with multiple bits of information as opposed to simple, short sentences, with only a single piece of information.

100% accuracy is not expected, but control is important. The Band 7 definition says:

 Frequently produces error-free sentences though some grammatical mistakes persist.

It is not just the number of mistakes, but how seriously these mistakes block communication.

To improve your grammar:

Be prepared – make sure you know the speaking test format and the type of questions to expect in each section e.g. ensure you know the past and future tenses of common verbs.

  • Practice – particularly think about the tenses you use, and make sure they relate to the question.
  • Record yourself speaking and listen to identify errors.
  • The IELTS band scores range from 1 to 9 and there are no specific questions for each band as the scores are assigned at the end of the test.

Part 3 of 4:

Part 1: Fluency & Coherence

Part 2: Lexical Resource

Part 3: Grammatical range & accuracy

Part 4: Pronunciation

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