Thanks British Council, Islamabad

Thanks to the UK government and particularly to British Council, Pakistan

The British Council Pakistan has embarked on On-line Training for Agents. On 01/7/2010, an orientation session of the current course was arranged at Embassy Lodge Islamabad. The programme manager Furqan Shamsi and his entourage briefed the course entrants about the layout of the course. The team lead enlightened us how the course will give us a thorough knowledge about UK education system. Such moves are good for the ambitious and genuine education consultants in Pakistan.

Students who are ambitious to proceed to the UK must know the fact that there is a proper network of genuine and enlightened agents/consultants who are trained and supervised by the British Council. Now it is up to the students to hunt out and access genuine consultants.

This post was submitted by IMS Consultants, Pakistan.

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  1. Muhammad Aamir Ijaz Chaudhary

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to ambitious and genuine education consultant in Pakistan. so What are the requirements for On-line Training for Agents, and orientation session.

    Muhammad Aamir Ijaz Chaudhary

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