Random Facts About English I Bet You Didn’t Know

Amaze at Dinner Parties and Fill Awkward Silences with Awesome Random Language Facts!

The three infographics below just might illuminate you in ways that may or may not be useful, but are certainly interesting and often comical.

At the very least, they will fuel you with fodder for those inevitable moments of uncomfortable silence, or make you the center of attention at the next cocktail party.

Discover such all-important facts like the origin of the word “sideburns”, the surprising Aztec root of the word “avocado”, how “Dick” came to be a nickname for “Richard”, the mystery of the origin of the word “condom” and how women came to be referred to as “broads”.

Discover these and many more entertaining English language facts below.

Part 1 Facts 1-10


Part 2 Facts 11-20


Part 1 Facts 21-30


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