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Early childhood care, development and education studies reveal that learning for children must come in a variety of situations. With the young ones’ shorter attention span, their immediate need to discover the world around them using all of their five senses, and their strong imagination, the usual classroom dynamics of being seated for a long time and merely listening to the teacher spew out information just would not suffice. These are just three of the reasons why art and play are crucial in early childhood education, as they create a more robust experience for learning.

When it comes to play, there are different types that children (mostly preschoolers) are found engaging in: make believe and mimicking are perhaps the most common. These two, according to child development specialists, should be supported greatly by both parents and teachers because these are activities that stimulate the imagination and teach children how to work out the difficulties or problems of certain life situations. Care and education providers can do so by being involved and presenting questions so the young learners are prompted to think beyond immediate answers, demonstrate what else can be done, and then discover what works and what doesn’t.

Another thing that adults can do to support the physical and cognitive development of children is to present smart educational supplies. UK child experts claim that these items represent more than play for children, hence they are more effective in teaching how the world operates and cultivating the senses integral to the achievement of higher understanding.

Among these smart educational supplies are didactic materials like wooden educational toys, blocks, Legos, and play kitchens that children can observe details of, smell, hear distinct sounds from, and manipulate to create “learning situations.” Wooden toys are particularly important especially for those who follow the Waldorf education system because they present the very basic concept of things young learners can actually build upon. For example, a pine wooden play kitchen set does not automatically present the complete mechanism of ovens, sinks and other kitchen fixtures; with their basic design, children can assign a particular function to certain features such as the knobs on the oven – meaning they are able to draw ideas from their observation of real life settings.

The beauty of these education supplies or toys is that they do not “spoon-feed” information to children. Instead, they encourage discovery or exploration to establish knowledge; this is the brand of learning that is enjoyable and works optimally for children.

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