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College suspemsion

I’m a student From London lea valley college.u know my college is suspended from ukba list. So can u please ensure me is it really suspended or revoked.. Thankyou

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Mistakes In Appendix 8


i submit my application yesterday , i didn’t know that i need an appendix 8 for my application , so , in the last minutes i asked for one and i fill it quickly. when i return home and read the appendix careful i realized that i made a lot of mistakes . could this led to a refusal ? could i fill and send new one ?

thank you in advance .

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tier 4 guidance

Hi sir,
I’m an acca level 6 student in uk since last 8 month and have got 3 exemptions based on previous degree and haven’t passed any paper yet. I applied for visa with new sponsor in new level 7 course. I have a CAS latter from glyndwr university and also have a 16000 pounds bank statement.
Is there any grounds for my visa rejection and how much time they take to process tier 4 application?

Maria Arshad

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Revocation of Refusal

Dear Sir,

Your answers are really very helpful for all the students and your efforts are highly appreciated.I am also going to take benefit by taking your kind advice as my case is very different.

I started my studies in March 2011 level 5-6 (2 Years) including six months foundation award in English From London College of Business Management & IT.I completed my English course and progressed on main diploma level 5 which was started in Feb 2012.Suddenly I had to visit my mother who was in very critical condition in March 2012,but before travel to back home i lost my passport in London.So i got a travel document urgently from Pakistan High Commission London and a police report of the lost passport as well from local police station London and traveled to Pakistan.

I applied an urgent passport from Pakistan and after getting it i submitted my visa application for the replacement of old visa to my new passport from Pakistan.
ECO refused my visa application stated that your CAS has been used which was an error of law because Previous CAS was just a supporting document i attached as it is stated in UKBA’s website (ECB 17) that no need of new CAS when applying for replacement visa .I submitted my administrative review and again ECO refused my application because now my college was suspended from UKBA’s sponsor list and after receiving this email i lost my all hopes and kept quite.But after 1 and half month i received the surprising email from ECO that my refusal has been revoked and i need to wait for further correspondence.I was shocked because my college is still suspended from sponsor’s list (London College Of Business Management & Information Technology LCBMIT ).Now when i ask for any progress regarding my visa application, UK Embassy says to wait as further inquiries are currently being made and you will be informed once our inquiries have been completed but we are unable to let you know how long it will take.

Sir my question is what type of inquiries are being made as ECO refused my 1st application of replacement the old visa to new passport which was valid till DEC 2013 and then refused my administrative review and one day they revoke my refusal as my college is still suspended. Can i apply a new application by choosing highly trusted sponsor.If i apply new application may i need to inform Embassy as this all wasted my 6 precious months.Your kind reply shall be really very helpful for me.Awaiting.

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Wave Training Suspended?

I would like to ask what happened now to wave training ltd.they were suspended and not on the list of register of sponsor and they said that they change their name as access skill is right for them to change,why they need to change their name does is mean they could not get back their license as wave training.they keep on asking for payments of tuition fees and if the students don’t pay they keep on threatening the students .I’m hoping for your prompt reply many thanks

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