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I’ve been banned what about my dependant?

I entered into UK on student visa on 6th September, 2003, my first visa was valid until December, 2004, after completing the one year diploma, I applied again for further education in BBA, they extended my student visa until November, 2007. After the completing of my BBA, I applied again to extend my visa, but my application was refused, i had the right of appeal. I went to tribunal for appeal and my appeal was dismissed on 28th of February, 2008. I came back to my home country volentarily on my own expense on 23th March, 2009. My applications was refused under the following immigration rules:

“Therefore, you do not satisfy the requirements of the immigration rules for this category and it has been decided to refuse your application for leave to remain under the published immigration rules paragraph 62 with reference to 60(ii) and 57(viii) of HC 395 (as amended), and paragraph 322(5) of HC 395 (as amended).”

– how long I am ban for?
– Does this has any impact of my partner application?


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Visa Application Heavily Delayed Following Home Office Mistake

I applied my visa extension in 03/09. Home office rejected my extension based on wrong information. They rejected me with the college i did not enroll and the course i did not enroll. I sent it back and explained them to review my application form and college letters. I still have not heard anyting until now. It is I called home office on 17/05/10. They told me to keep on waiting. Can anyone give me advice? Please!. Do i need to see solicitors?

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