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Letter to know your Application Status

Visa Manager
Visa Section
British High Commission
Abu Dhabi

Date: //2010

Subject: Current Status of Passport # (Your Passport Number)


I hope you will be fine there. This is to bring in your kind consideration that I have submitted my student visa (Tier 4) application with Visa Letter from (your college name) on with following details:

Name : (Your Name)

VAC Ref : (Number that you received from Garry’s)

Passport# : (Your Passport No.)

Date of Birth : (DOB)

Note: The commencement date of my course was (Course start date to be written here); whereas the College has allowed me more 04 weeks extension; in case of arriving late.(find enclosed extension letter)

Now I anxiously wait for my passport due to stamp with tier 4 General student, as time is getting short day-by-day, and I have to make my travel arrangements. Kindly acknowledge the receipt and expedite the process.

I will be thankful to you.

Truly yours,
(Your Name)

This post was submitted by PRINCE.

Template Letter to send if your Visa Application is Heavily Delayed

Dear BHC Immigration Dept.,

I hope this letter serves you well. I’m contacting you with regards to my Tier 4 – Student Visa application that has been lodged on (“Date”). Since the aforementioned date, I haven’t received any staggering progress on my Visa request and that troubles me a lot as my course intake date is drawing near.

I understand that your Immigration dept. is inundated with high volume of visa applicants and for some instances the processing time may be lengthy. However, there are certain service level agreements in which your office needs to satisfy in order to provide an amenable customer service to both your applicants and to UKBA as this will be your benchmark to measure your performance.

As a student, it is an integral part of my responsibility to furnish genuine and verifiable documents required standards set by the Point Based System. I regard this as one of the pliable ways to be of help to your agency during the post-visa stage.

Nevertheless, should you encounter any difficulties in processing my application don’t hesitate to contact me as I’d be more than willing to accommodate your request to alleviate any deferment on my application.

Looking forward to getting your immediate response.

Many thanks,


This post was submitted by Ron.