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Jewellery Apprenticeship For Aspiring Designers

John Greed Jewellery is offering aspiring jewellery designers the chance of a life time, to win an internship at their headquarters and shadow John Greed himself.

When Does It Take Place?

The winner of this amazing internship will need to be available to start the work placement from 1st September 2013 onwards.

Design entries need to be submitted by the 31st August 2013.

You can find more information on the judging criteria and terms and conditions of the internship over on the John Greed Jewellery Internship Website.

The Prize

The internship is a brilliant opportunity to develop real world jewellery design experience from working alongside an immensely successful jewellery designer, and also win a start-up grant for your jewellery business.
Here’s what you could be winning:
• The opportunity to get your jewellery designs mass produced and sold as part of an official John Greed Jewellery rang. This in itself would be a huge accomplishment for any aspiring designer.
• A 3 week work placement with John Greed, one of the UK’s most innovative jewellery designers. Working in their Lincoln HQ, you will gain some fantastic business insights from design through to marketing and manufacturing.
• A £500 grant for your start-up jewellery business (2nd and 3rd place will also win £250 and £100 respectively).
• The chance to potentially become a full time member of staff at John Greed Jewellery

Who Can Enter?
The internship is open to anyone who would like to enter. As a guide though, we would suggest that the following are most suited: Undergraduates or masters students studying Jewellery/Fashion/Art, Aspiring Jewellery Designers and Jewellery start-ups and entrepreneurs

How To Enter

To enter, all you need to do is design a jewellery collection based on a current fashion trend. Your jewellery collection should contain approximately 7-10 base designs which then can create around 20-30 final products in an assortment of colours. Your collection should include at least one necklace, one ring, one bracelet and one set of earrings.
Your target audience is male/female between the ages of 18-35, and your retail price needs to be roughly £10-£50. Design your entry using either a computer, or alternatively use hand drawn designs on an A4 piece of paper scanned on to a computer.

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Tips to Secure a Job with a Recruiter

Finding a position within a new career can be extremely challenging for those who are currently unemployed or underemployed. There may be many positions that are opening that do not support personal goals, talents, or educational background. Finding a job that will provide a great salary and offers an opportunity for professional growth takes a bit of effort. Conducting a traditional job search using outdated methods can take several months. Most people do not have six to nine months of savings to life off of, while on a job search. Here are a few tips to get a job with a recruiter.

The way companies seek out qualified employees has changed. The cost of screening, training, and hiring an employee in some cases can cost several thousand pounds. Narrowing down the number of qualified applicants is easier when certain safe guards have been put into place. Employers are using several methods to attract the right type of employee.

Social media is one way that employers are hoping to pass the word quickly about vacant positions. Television and print ads usually are very expensive. Each word in the ad has been developed to enlist a response only in those who are qualified. Job seeker can work with recruiters to find gainful employment. The recruiter often receives a commission or financial incentive for each person that is hired.

Recruiters often know exactly what needs each employer has. Past relationship experience sometimes gives the recruiter a bit of leverage with the hiring company. Moving to a different city is one way to uncover additional jobs. Making a job search global is important. Examples are extending a job search to London.

Recruitment agencies can help to guide the applicant into the correct field, and help them clearly understand where their services would be the most beneficial. Most job seekers are only interested in how quickly they can be hired or what the opportunities for advancement are. Work with recruitment agencies to find an opportunity that considers personal needs. Some employers do offer a relocation package, and will help cover some or all of the costs to move.

Finding full time employment or part time employer can be done with recruitment agencies London. Student that are seeking out internships or desire to work part time while continuing their education should speak with a recruiter. There are certain companies that need the resources that a recent graduate can provide, but may not have the finances to hire them on full time.

Take time to discuss personal career goals with recruitment agencies London. There are positions that do not require a university degree. All industries need qualified persons to add to their enterprise. Creating a better future requires doing something different. Relying on old ways to find a job is not practical. Use these resources that a recruiter can provide. Many recruitment agencies London has specific procedures before job placement can begin. Take time to complete all applications or information interviews so that they can start to match up current open positions.

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