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London’s Best Markets

London is a city that’s proud of its markets and justifiably so, as the trade dates back to medieval times and is as vibrant and varied as the city itself. With around 83 major street markets in London you‘ll be spoilt for choice when shopping for anything and everything from antiques and exotic ingredients, to retro fashions and crafts.

London’s huge choice of emporiums and unique street markets will land you in shopping heaven. Therefore why not give your senses a treat and pop along to enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of some of the capital city’s best offerings.

The markets themselves spin a tale of London’s history. As such, Borough Market is one of the oldest and due to its unspoilt Victorian architecture is a popular location with filmmakers; with various films shot here on a fairly frequent basis. On Saturdays there is a bustling farmer’s market where you can source good quality produce including an excellent selection of cheese and other delicacies, which could be enjoyed with a nice picnic in nearby Greenwich Park.

Brixton is another market you can find in the South of the city and is one of Europe’s biggest Caribbean food markets with somewhere in the region of 300 stalls. Search for exotic fruit and vegetables, specialist fish and meats, African spices and Caribbean baked goods.

Once you’re done with edibles you can continue your shopping spree as Brixton also houses an array of cut-price records and CDs, cosmetics and rails upon rails of clothing. Gabriel’s Wharf is another great south London market to visit if you’re looking for quirky clothes or made-to-measure garments, as it showcases up-and-coming fashion and jewellery designers.

North London also has its fair share of eclectic markets to explore; in particular Archway Market, which has a range of stalls that appear every Saturday. An organic and speciality food section offers an array of treats from organic fruits to free range salamis and Italian cheeses. Fishmongers, bakeries and delicatessens mean you can find pretty much anything you want.

Camden market is also found in north London and is undoubtedly one of the city’s top attractions. As it goes, you can buy virtually anything you can think of at Camden; clothing, music, antiques, ethnic arts and crafts, rugs, as well as food and drink.

Furthermore, the original Camden Lock market which lies next to the Grand Union Canal has three open yards surrounding the Victorian Market Hall where you’ll find vintage clothing, Middle Eastern textiles, hand-carved sculptures and Indian jewellery.

Staying on the north, Wembley is one of the largest Sunday markets around. Held right opposite Wembley Stadium the market has over 500 stalls with traders selling all sorts. You could easily wile away an afternoon here from having a browse through all that’s on offer.

East, West and Central areas all hold their own markets too, so when you’re searching for hotels in London you can remain flexible on location, as you’re never going to be far away from one of the capitals marvellous markets.

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Strange Things to do in London

There is so much to do, see and discover in London. In fact, Greater London is Europe’s largest city in terms of area, covering more than a huge 1600 km2 and it is of no surprise that there is so much to do in London, England’s capital. There are of course many well known landmarks and places to visit in London, but what if you are tired of following the tourist masses? The London Eye and London Zoo are all well and good, as are the historical buildings of Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. But to be honest, I think an elephant is an elephant, no matter what zoo you see it in. Maybe you’re fed up with the tourist crowds and inflated tourist prices when you visit London? Then read on, as we’ve covered some of London’s best kept secrets. Discover some of London’s strangest landmarks and get some great ideas of what to do in London with the first in this series of strange things to do in London.

Few people realise that some of the world’s most famous and influential people are in fact buried in London. If you enjoy tours and want to explore a less-known place of interest during your visit to London, then you should definitely consider visiting the amazing Highgate Cemetery. Highgate Cemetery was built during the Victorian era and is rich with Victorian architecture and heritage. There are many bold, audacious mausoleums, vaults, catacombs, obelisks and statues. During your visit to Highgate, London, you will be sure to notice that some graves stand out more than others. They appear better kept, more prominent. As if they belonged to someone important…

Be sure to see Highgate Cemetery during your visit to London. A great strange thing to do in London!And belong to important people they do. The Father of Communism, Karl Marx, is in fact buried in Highgate Cemetery. Moving to London in 1849 and dying in 1883, Marx was originally buried in a simple, ordinary grave. But, the Communist Party of Great Britain felt that such an important figure should have a much grander scale. Therefore, the bust of Marx which can today be seen during your visit to London was put in place in 1954. This decision was not popular with everyone, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. In fact, Marx’s followers believed that this grand display made at his grave went directly against his teachings. The view was so strongly held by some people that there was an attempt to blow up Marx’s grave in 1970! More details of this strange thing to do in London can be found at Highgate Cemetery so be sure to check it out when you make your visit to London.

Marx is not alone in being a world celebrity to be buried in London. In fact, Highgate Cemetery has many of the world’s most prominent figures buried there. The list is in fact pretty long, but a selection would include: Tom Sayers, Sir Leslie Stephen, Dr S.Birch, John Lobb, Christina Rossetti, J. W. Cross, C. H. Newton, George Eliot and many, many more. Charles Dickens and his family are also buried here, as well as 6 Lord Mayors of London.

The famous Circle of Lebanon, a must for any list of things to do in London.If you visit Highgate Cemetery during your visit to London you will be able to find out all about its rich history. Highgate Cemetery belongs to a group of cemeteries called the Magnificent Seven. The Magnificent Seven were built around the middle of the nineteenth century, as there was huge demand for space for London to bury it’s dead. Typical of the era, these cemeteries were built in typical Victorian grandeur, incorporating many influences from across the British Empire. These cemeteries soon became infamous and highly regarded because of their architecture. Highgate Cemetery is the most beautiful and revered of all the Magnificent Seven.

Because of its stature, Highgate Cemetery quickly became the burial place of choice for many important Victorian figures. In fact, many spent huge amounts of money on the monuments that adorned their grave and a plan was actually devised to meet this demand and make it more affordable. Huge areas of the Magnificent Seven were developed based on themes. The most famous is known as Egyptian Avenue, with a breath-taking entrance leading to the famous Circle of Lebanon.

Over the years since it was first built, the importance of Highgate Cemetery has been acknowledge by successive generations of Londoner’s and governments. Highgate has been allowed to keep all of its original charm and mystery, with some areas creepily overgrown. This helps to create an unexplainable atmosphere; one of excitement, mystery, a feeling of the unknown. You will literally discover statues and monuments as you peer through the creeping vines. You really should go to Highgate Cemetery during your visit to London as you will find something very special when you discover James Selby’s grave……

Free Stuff to do in London

Free Food in London - one of our tips for free stuff to do in LondonYou may be tired of the old cliché that students are broke but we certainly aren’t! We know how good it feels to get a good bargain and even better when you can enjoy a fantastic day out for free. It seems that everyday we read more and more about how expensive it is to live in London and while it can be expensive, we’ve rounded up some fantastic was you can enjoy our beautiful city for absolutely nothing!

Visit the Sites

London has within it some of the most-loved and well known landmarks. You can go to visit places like Trafalgar Square, Soho, Big Ben and Nelson’s Common and take many photos with your friends.

National Museums and Galleries

Did you know that in 2001 all National Museums and Galleries in London were made free?  Yes that’s right, you can go to magical places like the British Museum at look at its many exhibits, have fun with interactive displays at the Science Museum, or enjoy the works of some of the world’s most famous artists at the Tate Modern, all completely free of charge. Even the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, the home of time, is free. This is only a tiny selection of the many National Museums and Galleries that you can visit for free.

Enjoy London’s Famous Parks

London has so many wonderful parks and open spaces which you can use to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The views of the BT Tower from Richmond park, from Alexandra Palace or from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park are simply breathtaking and possibly the best in London.

Some of London’s more popular parks get very busy and offer free programmes. For example, this year you could meet the England rugby squad at Regent’s Park or go for a guided walk through any of London’s Royal Parks. This can be easily booked and are totally free.

London Markets

Perhaps a nature-based guided tour of the Royal Parks isn’t for you. Instead, you could visit one of London’s many famous outdoor markets. There are various markets scattered all over London and each really does give you a taste of the unique cultures and atmospheres to be found in different areas in London. London’s Spitalfields and Chrisp Street markets hold regular free events that cover everything from seasonal festivals to displays of local artists’ works. And perhaps the famous of all London’s markets is Camden Market which really has to be seen to be believed. Sundays are when it is busiest, when you will find a whole host of weird and wonderful smells, tastes, fashions and music. Camden Market is so big that you probably won’t be able to explore it all in one day. You can of course look around the market for free and even haggle with some market traders to get some great discounts. But the name of this guide is free – so, with a bit of charm and a nice, big smile you may be able to blag some free food at around 6pm, the market’s closing time. Speak (nicely!) to some of the people selling food and more often than not they’re happier to give it away then to throw it away. In fact, Camden is such a bustling place we recommend you dedicate a good few weekends to really take it all in. In keeping with its multi-cultural feel, Camden is also home to many fantastic English language schools.

More Free Food!

As well as Camden Market there are a number of places you can get food for free in London. Sounds unbelievable I know, but read on.  Followers of Hare Krishna, a religion, can often be found all around London. They are well known for providing very high quality vegan lunches outside many of London’s University campuses. All they ask for in return is a small donation to their course, the amount of course being entirely up to you. However, you may not enjoy lining up for free food with other students, so how does free food from some of London’s most famous landmarks sound? Well, you can even get free food from Harrods! The Harrods Food Hall regularly has free samplings as well as promotional launches of some of its finest ranges. You’ll even be able to find a nice drop of wine to wash it all down with. Head to any Majestic Win Warehouse in London as they all have free tasting sessions available.

Free Nights out

Comedy nights are always great fun and they are hugely popular. Despite this, entry prices are often free – promoters instead choosing to draw people to the bar with free admission. Free comedy nights are available at venues all over London. Head to the Grafton Arms on Grafton Way for the Warren Street Comedy Therapy, or the Red Lion in Soho for Scabby Tabby, every Wednesday. If you need some comedy to put you in the mood for Mondays – which we all hate – then you should head for Off the Cuff at the Rosemary Branch, Islington, for some truly side-splitting comedy from a highly recommended all-female group of comediennes.

Free TV and Radio Show Recordings

The recordings of many television and radio shows take place in front of live TV audiences. The BBC in particular champions the free entry to such recordings and you can get tickets for shows such as The News Quiz and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Tickets are allocated by ballot, which are free to enter, at the BBC website.

Movie Premieres

Yes that’s right, you can mingle with the world’s glitzy high flyers…well, at least from behind a barrier you can! All of London’s film premiers held in Leicester Square are completely free to attend and you’ll be able to see your favourite stars walking along the red carpet.

Free Sporting Events

Amateur spot is huge across the capital and on any Sunday there is a huge choice of free and fun sporting events to go and watch. The best way to find out about these events is through your local paper. Dog Racing – The Dogs – is another great night out. Entry to places like Walthamstow and Crayford tracks is free and even if you decide to only spend bet a total of £5 over several races, you will still have a really great time. The Dogs is a very entertaining free night out. Feel like taking part in a free sporting activity yourself? Then get your skates on – literally! There are several group skates around London which are fantastic ways to meet new people and give you a unique view of our wonderful city. Groups include Friday Night Skate and Sunday Rollerstroll. Anyone is welcome to go along and enjoy the fun.