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Visa refused: St Patrick’s college now part of LSBF refusing to refund school fees

Hi all,
I got my first degree through this college, I paid for a postgraduate course but my visa was unfortunately denied on the basis that the college did not provide evidence of continuance. I decided to apply to a university instead, got my CAS letter, got a visa and currently rounding off on my masters program. St patricks started processing my refund in October of 2012, they continued until February of 2013 and told me to send emails to “request an update” from LSBF regarding my refund, I have been doing that and I keep getting (the refund committee is yet to make a decision). I went to the college in June hoping to speak to someone, I waited for over an hour before some lady spoke to me on the phone at the reception, she was too busy to come down and speak to me, she said to keep sending emails which I have continued to do, It’s December 2013, I don’t know why it’s taking so long to return my money, what shall I do, I need help.

This post was submitted by Iyabo.

tier4 student visa

My visa has been refused on a ground of revoked college. so nw I m applying with new applications. I got my cas letter frm university. All my papers ready bt the expenses and my remaining college fee I hv to show in my account is comming to total 11890. Bt in my account I hv 10500 . If I give my statement on a base of these mony . Please tell me I dnt hv any other source or option to get more mony. Please tell me it will effect to my visa.

This post was submitted by sayed.

my refund fro London College of Professional Studies


My name is Moses Adam. I was applying for MBA course at London College of Professional Studies in 2009, and i have paid 3995 UK Pounds. i was supposed to get a letter of confirmation from them so i can go on with my VISA processing.

But since then i did not received any letter of confirmation from them, and was told they’ll refund my money back, but until today i was not refund anything from them.

there were a time they were replying my mails, but they stopped replying my mail.

therefore i don’t know what to do, i need a help on how am i going to be refunded my money.

This post was submitted by Moses Adam.

victims of closed colleges

Hello everyone, I am a victim of closed college in the UK. It is really unfair practice done by UK government and colleges to us. Even in the so called third world countries, there are some financial guarantee they need to demonstrate before starting a business, so that no any customer to be harm by their collapse. But here in this country, we pay huge fees for our study afterwards they closed their business and went away .where is customer right here? Going to get admission in highly trusted by UK government is our fault? Then what is the meaning of highly trusted? Students like me loose hundreds of thousands pounds from these fraudsters colleges who closed their business after picking huge amount of money from innocent students and running another business or relaxing from that money in front of us. We have no any opinions on hand because we are immigrants. Please help. ..

This post was submitted by Ramachandran.

Refund from Kinnaird College, Manchester

My name is Zeeshan and I am from Pakistan, Gujrat. I want to inform you about Kinnaird College who is not refund the fee of one of my student Malik Waqar Arshad who had taken admission in this College. Mrs Tesheena herself knows that the refund of the student is due but she does not want to and that’s it. Such Colleges are damaging the UK education industry. Such colleges are like the latest thieves and I will suggest all overseas students to avoid colleges like the Kinnaird College.
If I knew that the college will not refund the fee of the student then I would never arrange his admission. As soon as we asked the college for refund because the visa was refused, the College changed the words in refund policy. I am sure that not a single overseas student would like to put his/her money on such type of gambling. If I call College to ask for Mrs Tesheena I am told that she is busy and after that nobody picks up the phone call all day (the phone rings and rings).
Below is the extract I have copied as of today 29-03-2013 from Kinnaird College website.
Mission Statement of Kinnaird College: The quality of provision and the maintenance of standards are central to the College’s Mission and Corporate Plan. The College, through its management, is committed to maintaining its position as a provider of high quality education and training. In achieving this, and in meeting the needs of all users, the College commits itself to a rigorous process of self-review and development in which every member of staff understands their role and recognises their individual responsibility for quality improvement and development.

The following corporate objective and key strategies, as stated in the Corporate Plan, provide the basis for the Quality Policy:
‘Offering students high quality delivery and support, and a marketable outcome’
To deliver programmes that offer academic rigour and market competitiveness
To ensure programmes meet all relevant national standards and benchmarks
To be regarded as an outstanding college within our community, realising opportunities through partnership and innovation.
We are committed to being an innovative and agile college which places the interests of learners at the centre of its activity.
At all times we will promote the values of:
Trust and respect
Honesty and integrity
Equality, diversity and inclusiveness
Encouragement and support
And aspire to excellence in all that we do.
The College is not serving the community locally and internationally according to its Mission Statement rather it is a sort of fraud.
ISI also provides inspection of educational oversight in private further education colleges and English language schools and I do understand that ISI is not responsible for such matters of the students who are between a college and student but such colleges are damaging the image of UK Education across the world. That’s why I request you to identify such colleges and close them down if they do not follow the policies and guidelines accordingly.
I have been beaten badly and humiliated by the parents and friends of the student Mr. Waqar because they are thinking that I have taken their money and put in the pocket because they knew already that College will refund the fees in case of refusal of visa.
Can you please advise me if there is any way to get the refund back from this bogus college.

Malik Waqar

This post was submitted by Malik Waqar.

Access College Refused to Refund Fees

Dear Sir/Madam,
Request for help or advice about my case:
I enrolled my sister in law with Access College London of 45 Wimbledon Hill Rd, London Borough of Merton, SW19 7NA in December 2012. I paid Fees of £2,800 for ACCA course. Her visa was refused due to some reason; consequently I contacted college administration for refund of my fees. They refused my application and said that, we should be exercise option of Administrative review which we did but no positive result achieved.
After that I sent couple of emails to the college for refund but not had a positive response. The weeks went on and the months rolled by and they continued to give me all sorts of excuses. Even when I asked them with legal action they were not fazed.
At the end in last week I got final email confirming that I don’t qualify for any refund. I contacted the Citizen Advice bureau who gave me the contact details of the Citizen Advice Bureau Consumer Services and they also refused to help.
Here I would like to ask help and advice how shall I proceed with this and also approaching a solicitor is the only way out?????


This post was submitted by Shiraz.

Majestic College Loses Heavy Handed Debt Recovery Case

Majestic or Bison (or whatever they choose to call themselves) had a claim struck out in the Southend County Court on 27th July 2012. They sought to claim fees from a filipino student’s Aunt who had been her sponsor for her UK Visa. The court found that no contract existed between the Aunt and the claimant. It follows that a person who sponsors a potential student’s visa application is simply guaranteeing that the applicant will not be a charge on any state funding, and not offering a global guarantee to all and sundry in the UK! The claimant also failed to prove that it had given suitable notice to the defendants before starting the legal action.

This post was submitted by Trevor Murray.

i m also victim of fccollege

I am Sunpreet Singh. I had
applied for ABE Advanced Diploma in Business Management (NQF Level 6) in your
college. I got the offer letter on 18 DEC 2009. I had already deposited my
tuition fee as a draft of 3300 GBP of (state bank of India, D.D no- 079508) to
my consultant on 4 JAN 2010. Also I got the visa letter from FCCollage. My
course had been started on 15 march 2010. But as we know that The High
Commission applied new rule for student visa. In which they were Taking those
files only according to the date of commencement of student and after some few
days they took decision of temporary closure for diploma program for north
India and after that they didn’t open any type of student visa for north India
& I wasted my 8 months. After that I heard that they opened but that time we
don’t have arrangement for studies
& I had already wasted my 1 year of my life at that moment.

Neither my consultant nor the college helped me out for returning my fees.

i didnt get my fees till yet.. can someboby help me out from this big tension.

This post was submitted by sunpreet singh.

Need Contact Details for Lawyer in Global Vision College case

The contact number or email address of Mr.Usman Arshad,the lawyer representing Mr.Naeem Ali who lodged a complaint in Manchester Country Court. District Judge Wheeler took a dim view to the refusal to provide a refund and ordered Global Vision College to refund the full £1,000 plus £400 costs. Thanks & regards.

This post was submitted by Nisar Ahmed.

Refunds Issue

Dear Sir/ Mam

I have small business in India and we recruit students for UK College in India and i recruit students for the College, these Students have paid fee.Visa of Some Students has been rejected and the college promised us to refund the fee within 28 days. We were chasing the College for the refunds. The College struck the fee of Students and showed Bank corrupts.

I would really appreciate if you could help me will any advice that how can we go about getting our refunds.

This post was submitted by harpinder singh.