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6 New English Teaching Projects

Six projects across England have been awarded £6m in government funding to teach English to the public using non-conventional methods.

They competed for funding with the aim of reaching 24,000 non-English speakers in so-called priority areas across London, the Midlands and the North.

The projects will be given funding initially but then encouraged to become self-sustaining.

Councils have been told they must encourage people to speak English. Continue reading

Visa refused: St Patrick’s college now part of LSBF refusing to refund school fees

Hi all,
I got my first degree through this college, I paid for a postgraduate course but my visa was unfortunately denied on the basis that the college did not provide evidence of continuance. I decided to apply to a university instead, got my CAS letter, got a visa and currently rounding off on my masters program. St patricks started processing my refund in October of 2012, they continued until February of 2013 and told me to send emails to “request an update” from LSBF regarding my refund, I have been doing that and I keep getting (the refund committee is yet to make a decision). I went to the college in June hoping to speak to someone, I waited for over an hour before some lady spoke to me on the phone at the reception, she was too busy to come down and speak to me, she said to keep sending emails which I have continued to do, It’s December 2013, I don’t know why it’s taking so long to return my money, what shall I do, I need help.

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