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coluser college

My name is H.K.Priyangika. i am the student of closure college. I came here gain a good education background & come true the my future dreams, But now my college

was stopped, But still they not inform me, I paid college fees them 4100gbp per year, I came here, above college satisfied my qualifications. still they did not refund my money,

Presently i like to join a new college. but it not eazy. New college want to be a ILTS or EFL , I havn’t it. Presently i follow the english course hope to go the new good college.

Please sir, kindly help me the in this time what happen to my visa (presently i have a 2.5 years, tier 4 level6 general student visa)

Please highly appreciated to this matter & can you explain me a how about the my visa

Thank you

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UKBA Immigration Raid

I was student.1 day met 1 guy n he said I can hav psw visa bt my master wasn’t complete bt still he can help me to get psw visa.ok I agreed with him to get psw visa by paying cash.den I got visa by 1day premium service n I wen to my country n came bk.the visa was ok,I think so.after he informed me high skill visa going to stop.he ask me to apply fr hsmp visa.again he said he will fr me by cash.ok den gave him passport n documents(wat document he made fr me fr psw).(I had master certificate frm him).4month after applying suddenly I heard uk ba immigration police came to my add n was looking fr me n cheked evry1 passport in dat house.nw my life is finish n I’m stuck with dat.nw I ask them wat sud I said he can’t do dat case i’m feeling to die.can u tell me pls wat can I do.I don’t fr wat reason they came n wat they want.plss help me

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Tier 4 Visa Refused due to 3 days Overstay

I have applied for a renewal of a student visa. i am a student from the university of Kent. My application has been rejected because
-I have overstayed, they receive my application on August 21st and my visa was ending August 17th
-the money has not been in the account of my parents for 2 days
They said I have not the right to make an appeal because of the overstay and kept my passport.

But in the letter they added that I have the right to do an other application mentioning the one that was refused and gave me a number I should call before October 15th, the Enforcement Bureau. When I called them they say they are not dealing with that and send me to the Public Enquiry who also say they don’t deal with that. I recalled back but still don’t seem to get any information.

So should I send a new application? To whom? What about my passport?

I am looking forward hearing from you as early as possible.


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Extend Tier 4 Visa to sit Exams?

hi, i am here in tier 4 student visa and my visa runs out on 2nd of january 2012. i am supposed to give my exam on this november.i got my placement very late so i am nt eligible to sit for the exam this year.i hav to wait till may 2012.could yo advice me about my visa process.can i renew my visa enrolling in other courses and give my exam in may?

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Tier 4 Refused for Providing a Relative’s Bank Statements

Hi there,

My husband is studying in the UK on a Tier 4 student visa. It’s just a one year course, but we got married very recently and i miss him and want to be there with him and not cooling my heels waiting around for him to return. So I applied for a dependent visa which was refused because I mistakenly believed that I could provide my mother’s bank accounts. I couldn’t provide mine or my husband’s at the time we applied because the money hadn’t been in the account for 28 days at that point. The money has now been in his uk account for the required amount of time. Since that was the only reason given in the refusal letter, can i reapply with this new information (original bank statements) and all the same documents as before? Would it be possible to appeal? I’ve heard that appeals take longer so I’d really rather reapply I think.

Thanks for your help,

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Work Rights and ACCA Courses

Dear Sir.
I am currently a student of ACCA in Pakistan. I am applying for UK visa in December 2011 intake for my remaining ACCA papers.. But i have heard that UKBA new policy has restrict work allowance for student. Please tell me sir, that how much time will be allowed for me to work there, if i apply for ACCA in December 2011 intake or there will be no working hours for me?

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IELTS Expiry and Visa Application

Good day!

I already have ielts and nmc decision letter but my ielts will expire july 2012. Iam currently waiting for my agents to find me workplacement in order for me to take ONP and lodge my visa. Now, my concern is, if it will take longer for my agents to find me a workplacement and my ielts expires though my nmc expires 2 years from now. So do i need to take another ielts exam before i can lodge my work visa application?

That would be all for now and thank you.

Love P


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Suspended Colleges and the Rights of Students

In the past year alone, 450 UK education providers have has their trusted sponsor licence revoked, impacting some 11,000 international students. There has been plenty of coverage in the media about immigration abuses and bogus colleges; what is being forgotten is the real victims – students.

Students are currently being let down by a poor immigration system that offers no protection, ties their permission to remain to their college’s actions and provides no safeguards against what can only be called scammers: those who are happy to take large payments of fees before declaring bankruptcy.

The requirements to be licenced by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) documents include no academic or financial criteria. There is simply no scrutiny in the most important areas leaving students with few safeguards. Instead the UKBA busies itself with assessing human resource management systems, and any convictions, civil-penalties or non-compliance of either college or staff.

Sadly, the stories of students of colleges who’ve lost their licence are becoming frequent and follow a similar pattern. Pay substantial fees and enrol with a college only to be told that their leave to remain has been curtailed, they have to pay even more money and try to find another college who will accept them. In all likelihood they could have to begin their students again. Another visa application and fee. All in 60 days. Given the new visa application, students will have to meet the 3 months of bank statements requirement too – there is little wriggle room to plan and react when a student learns that their college’s licence has been revoked.

The JCWI and a group called Pupils’ Rights held a public meeting on 28 November, which we’ve summarised below and put a link to the original video.


  • Under the old rules, education providers had to be listed on a register maintained by the Department of Immigration, not UKBA as it is today.
  • Previously if your visa was refused on the grounds that your college was not bone fide, you could appeal the refusal and challenge the decision that your education provider was not legitimate.
  • In 2006 the Points Based System (PBS) was introduced. In March 2009, Tier 4 went live and came into force for international students.
  • Legal Challenges: In two cases – notably Pankina (2009) – the Court agreed that subjecting students to new rules in Home Office guidance documents – which could be changed at any time – instead of being entered into the Immigration Rules following Parliamentary scrutiny, was unlawful. Both cases succeeded at the Court of Appeal. The Home Office has however applied for and been granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. The PBS clearly has legal issues at its core and these will be decided by the highest UK Court. They could even be taken to Europe, clearly demonstrating the scope of the problems.


  • A case was heard early November in the Court of Appeal, involving a college who was to have their sponsor licence revoked by the Home Office. The college’s legal team have been able to obtain an interim order stop this action and only allowing a decision on the college’s licence following the case.
  • The college had believed to have done everything contained in the Sponsor Guidance Document and was in regular contact with the Home Office over licencing requirements. However, it was deemed they did not comply with something in the guidance and their licence was to be revoked.
  • What is quite clear is that in this case, the withdrawal of the college’s licence had nothing to do with students or immigration. The college has been punished for administrative failures.
  • There are definitely instances where bogus colleges have been closed using this method, but how many innocent parties have been caught up?
  • The Court was asked to look at the most fundamental element of the PBS – the notion of sponsorship. Again, it is published Home Office guidance which sets out when an education provider’s sponsor licence can be revoked, not the Immigration Rules. What the Immigration Rules do say is that if a college loses its licence a student’s leave will be curtailed. The Immigration Rules also say that in order to apply under the student category, the college must have a Tier 4 sponsor licence. Therefore, having a sponsor licence is a condition that the students must meet for leave to remain / enter.  How can this be lawful in light on the Pankina judgement?
  • Colleges have no right of appeal if their licence is withdrawn. The only option they have is for an expensive Judicial Review.
  • As with individuals, cases such as this are likely to go to Europe as the UKBA suddenly finds itself with powers to control businesses, institutions and their staff instead of just visa nationals, which should be their only concern.

The Video

Edward Nicholson, Barrister for No5 Chambers, talks about his experience and impressions on the rules affecting students and colleges who have their visa granting status revoked.


Visa Extension for Teacher Training Course

I come across your website and was delighted to know that you give free advice to the students. I’m here in UK and my visa is expiring in 31st December. I need your help before I apply for visa extension. Ok, I will describe my case so that you may give me a good piece of advice. I started my course in September which was CTLLS(a teacher training course). As the course is divided in three phases i.e. PTLLS(3 months) then we do CTLLS and DTLLS. I’ve done my PTLLS and it was resulted in level3 pass and college said we should do it again to acquire level 4 before we proceed to CTLLS level5 though we didn’t need level 4 in PTLLS to start CTLLS. So we did it again and result is expected in end of October. Now the problem is that I’ve go admission in level 4-5 two years course in govt. funded college. The course starts on 1st of November. Please tell my chances of getting extension. Does changing course decrease my chances of getting visa extension? How can I cover my time spent here with only 3months course? any suggestions appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Will a Bad UK Credit HIstory Hurt my Visa Application?

This is Pramod giri wants to know about visa application of UK.

I was in UK from 2009 to till 2010 on student visa I came back to India now the reason Iam worrying for I had taken phone contracts for me and my friends and I was not able to pay for my bills. It has been more than 7 months now I havnt paid anything. My credit history went bad now.

Iam again planning to go for studies now is this problem will take place while I apply for student visa.

Iam worrying about this problem, could you please suggest me what is going to happen now is there any problem me to apply for student visa.

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