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Waiting since June for visa to study at North West College Reading

well ,i am a student of north west college of reading.i had applied for visa renewal on 20th of june 2011 but till day my visa is not comming yet.And from the work place im being supended until any legal document or prove of work .But i gave a some of bio metric and acknowledegment letter in a work.but they are saying it is not sufficient .ALL i need to ask that am i eligible to work until the visa arrive.and what should i need to do .can anyone share a view to me .


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LSBF (london school of business and finance) issue


I need your help regarding my fee refunds, my college LSBF has declined to refund my money which I have paid after my visa for rejected. I have already paid them 3000 GBP and 1500 GBP for an issue of new CAS letter all together 4500 GBP. These kind of fradulent colleges need to be closed and stopped.

My VISA was rejected for the reason which states “I have not used the original CAS letter and that the CAS letter used was an old one” and this was the only reason.

but LSBF has never issued me an original CAS letter except IPC consultancy which is a trusted UKBA agency and LSBF partner have throughly checked my application before I have submitted my application to the UK counsulate.

I need your advice on this friends!!

Thanks really appreciate


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Anglian College London-Non Refund of Tuition Fees

The Anglian College London was paid two tuition fees as desired by them for GBP 5000 AND GBP 3730 Vide their refrence no. ACL 1016568 AND ACL 1019210. When they failed to issue CAS letters they were requested to send the refunds with their documetary requirements.

Till then the college is avoiding us on phone,emails etc making us suspicious of their intentions.Like several others we too were taken for a ride.But this is not acceptable to us and we shall ensure that they are made to pay for their lapses of holding the hardearned money of students for such a long time.

We request other students to join hand with us to fight a collective battle and get the justice genuinely due to us.The colleges in UK feel that Indian students can be taken for a ride.I am sure each one of the affected student feels likewise.The road to justice is long and requires patience and that should not be a reason for our inaction.

We are determined to fight it to its logical conclusion and demand not only the refunds but also the interests and damages due to their lapses.

I have the following suggestions.

1- Take it up with our ministries of human resources and external affairs to seek their help and intervention.They can take it up with their counterparts in UK.
2-Expose them at all international forums in general and indian and uk forums in particular.
3-Take it up with the UKBA AND request for waiver of pre payment of tution fee for future students.I dont think with the kind of treatment meted to us many would thing of going to uk for higher studies.
4-Finally, file a collective suit against them in the crown courts of UK.

I look forward to hearing from your ends.

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FDM Group supports graduates by offering bilingual opportunities

The UK’s largest IT graduate employer and international IT services provider, FDM Group, has just announced a surge in the number of bilingual job vacancies it has available and firmly believes in the benefits of taking on these roles.

FDM is currently calling for English speaking graduates with a technical background and a second language of French, Cantonese, Mandarin, German or Polish to apply for the various job roles it has available.

The ‘Best Technical Graduate Recruiter’ of 2010 strongly supports the belief that bilingual opportunities can offer graduates the chance to gain the experience that will provide them with a competitive edge over other university leavers.

FDM Group Recruitment Manager, Madeleine Field, said, “Due to the need to associate ideas and objects with a set of words from two or more languages simultaneously, bilingual and multilingual workers often develop a flexible and creative way of thinking. This is an attractive quality for employers and candidates who have taken on these roles will often be favoured over monolingual jobseekers.”

FDM Group is seeking to alert graduates to the fact that bilingual work does not only centre around translating, interpreting and teaching.

Madeleine Field went on to say, “Graduates are often deterred from bilingual roles because they don’t want to go into the fields associated with these particular positions. However at FDM we feel it’s important to let bilingual graduates know that we can offer them the chance to work within the field of IT, finance and sales.”

The company is currently recruiting Cantonese and Mandarin speaking graduates to work within the thriving city state of Hong Kong as well as Singapore, within IT and sales.

A number of French speaking IT graduates will also have the opportunity to work in Luxembourg and across Europe for one or more of the firm’s prestigious clients, including financial and software firms.

Applicants to the firm’s Frankfurt Academy must speak fluent English and German and often have the opportunity to work in the UK as well as other European countries including Switzerland.

As part of its latest effort to support bilingual graduates, the firmly established employer has also extended its recruitment drive to Poland and is offering native graduates the opportunity to work both in their home country as well as the UK and Germany.

Not only will these roles allow chosen candidates to develop their bilingual skills, but working abroad could also provide graduates with a distinct advantage by building on their sense of independence, communication skills and ability to adapt to new environments.

For more information about the FDM Academy Programme please go to:

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Advice on precaution for UK Student Visa

I will be applying for a Visa in a few days but want to be sure & take all precautions to ensure that I don’t get a refusal.

I have only studied till class 11 which was in 2008 & quit studies after that.However I’m a Dj & a music producer nd have been working full time all these years & have a pretty good reputation on what I do.Presently I have applied for a Sound Engineering diploma course(1 year) at SAE Institue,London which is a course totally related to what I have been doing.The course deals with all technical/creative aspects of Recording & producing songs,studio work etc.

My fear for refusal are the lack of high school education, a long gap between the last completed education & now.Do you guys think that the UKBA might refuse the visa cos of these reasons.I’m kind of afraid & dont wanna take much risks so wat would you guys suggest me?Do you think I should even add a couple of documents to the visa file as a proof of the Dj’ing & Music production I have been doing all these years.

PS : I have got an offer letter from the Institute on the Basis of my work experience in this Industry to what I assume since that is what counts & have even scored 7 in the IELTS Exams.

Do I have a chance?I’m awaiting a CAS Letter which should arrive anytime soon.Any suggestions please let me know.I would be really thankful to you’ll.

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Passport Retained by UK Immigration

Hi there,
It’s me nadim from Bangladesh as tier 4 student in Uk.i should mention earlier that i got the visa on 17th july 2009 and the validity will be till 31st jan 2013.
I am a business management student and i have done my first part as diploma on 25th jan 2011.
And then i decided to go for holiday on 22nd february 2011.
Till that everything was okay.
Unfortunately i happened to severe sick in my home country.
Then after lot of testing they (doctor) would discover that i got Gland i need to be under treatment atleast 6 months.
Trust me i would not be under treatment whether it would not be contagious.anyway,i was admitted into clinic for 6 months.At that time i dont know what is going to happen bad with me.coz when i am completly well i tried make ready my self by all those paper work.At that time i sent email and tried to contact my college but they didnt reply
Then i decided to fly with my luck to heathrow.when i was in heathrow i showed all of my medical report and progress at immigration and they did some medical check as well.though some how they didnt check my college coz that was friday they take me to admission in temporarly detainee.
After that they took my passport and tell me to contact after two days.i tried to contact but they are saying now it’s gonna be two weeks more to decide.
And important thing is that i just know my college is revoked.
So all this thing is making me crazy.i am just thinking if i go to bring my passport back they will send me now a days i am really tensed.plz help me some one.nadim

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