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My College is Suspended – Will I lose my work rights?

I am student of westech college, i have visa till july 2014, but my college revocked, as per UKBA rules i have to find a new spounsers but if i am following new rules in that case i lost my work right, pls. help me what to do ? my college is not ready to give me fees back, they told me they are fighting in court, now what to do ? if i am staying after finish 60 day then what happen ?? pls. someone help and guid me pls.

This post was submitted by reena.

PSW Update Please


All of us might know about PSW process and policy.
But, I got some question to be sure.

1. IF PSW policy is closing in April 2012 then what will be last to apply it for?

2. Is it needed to do English test (IELTS) for applying from this country (UK)?

3. While colleges are getting shut-down then will it make any effect on PSW application?

– thanks goes to all who’ll be looking at this … .. .

This post was submitted by Arif.

Is ATC college suspended?

I have put my file before 3 months(Tier 4),
my college is ATC college Acton. I had try to contact to college but they told that college is in list but there is a issue of changing a Name. because from last 1 month i am not seeing a name of college. pls anybody help me out.

This post was submitted by Tapsy.

Do I pay home fees or international fees?

I have lived & gone to High School in USA for 8 yrs.I moved here when my Mum & Dad divorced… Dad still lives in the UK….does anyone know if the new laws/rules as of Sept 2011 to qualify for the non-international student fees will apply to me? I really want to go to back to live in the UK after high school but cant afford 33k for college….any advice would be gratefully received…thanks!!!

This post was submitted by Rhys.

Issues with MBA Top Up

Dear Sir

I am a student of Stanfords College UK which is a UKBA registered Tier 4 A Rated college. I have completed my PGD Level 7 and after that my college gives me the offer that they are offering MBA Top up programme from University of Wales.

I am so happy for this programme to be held on our own college but at the time of enrolment one of the college staff inform me that stanfords college is offering this MBA Top up through Kensington College of Business, and after spoke to Kensington College staff i was came to know that Kensington college dont have any information about this programme and the staff at kensington college strickly told me not to do that programme as this programme is not legal.

Can any body advice me regarding this type of programme like i am studying in Stanfords college and my programme is through Kensington college and the awarding body is University of Wales.

I am totally disturb as some of my friend told me that i can not get this degree because of Kensington College inform to UKBA about this ilegal activity held on stanfords college.

This post was submitted by Hassan shah.

Overstayed Following Visa Refusal

hi all… my visa got refused on september 2009 because of my school wasnt in the list. (actually it was in the list when i applied) because i was thinking the leave the country i didnt appeal and overstayed until 2010 june.i came back to my country with my will.

my question is how long id banned not to enter uk?… would it be problem if i wanted to apply student or tourist visa to uk?

This post was submitted by ercan.

I don’t know when my college license was WITHDRAWN!

I studied in UNION college London till May 2011.
College shut down and ran away when I came back to college after holiday finished.
I found out that I could stay until my visa is expired if college license was withdrawn when visa is left less than 6 months
However, I have absolutely no idea when college license was withdrawn.
My visa expiry date is 29th of November.
I was just wondering If I could still apply new visa.
Basically I haven’t gone to college since then.
Please help me
Thanks a lot for your time.

This post was submitted by Bruce.

College has Refused to run my Course – What Should I Do?

hey am Sal from Nepal
I applied for HND(built and construction environment in civil)and got visa too(on Jan.2011). while,I came to my college they told me due to lack in number of students in this programme they don’t want to run the programme in this session .Am afraid and don’t know what to do. Also I don’t want to change my course in any means.At first they didn’t say anything just kept me in electrical programme and told me to calm for a week because some students are coming I did exactly what they say but now they told me that they are not going to run the programme. Is changing college better option(than what about the money I paid for college and the time spent) or for legal action ?

This post was submitted by sal.

advance fee for next two year with surcharge

hi everybody
please give me help,
I was register with my access college before 3 month, that time she said 2500 £ fees for 1st year and after next 2 year fees 6050 £ pay letter,
When you start college then I ask about my student ID, than she said again ‘you didn’t pay register fee’ after I paid, after I study until may month, now I want some another document and I asked for this document, then she said you didn’t sigh in instalment contract, (means next 2 year fess pay) my outstanding balance is 6050 £, and instalment contract show 7300 £ , means 750 £ extra, and I ask her why 750 £ extra, than she said this instalment facility surcharge.
One of think if you pay advance than somebody give me discount but college take surcharge. What is this?????????????????????/
And how to complain college or ukba

Can you give me reply

This post was submitted by rajeshkumar.

West London College London have no record of my exams

I was a student in WLColleage in London and I received my diploma in Travel Agency Management my problem is that we toke 10 exams and I only have a grade sheet with 5 exams this was back in 1998 and I got in touch with them to try and get the 5 missing exams results so that I can go back to studying and they dont have my grade sheet actually they cant find my records. My question is what is the legal years for a colleage to keep records. Because seems like I being a pain for pursisting for them to give me the remaing 5 results but I think I am untitled to it

This post was submitted by micaela.