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Will my qualification from BITE still be recognised?

Hi Dear,

I am Bala studying MBA in BITE. I have got passed in the first semester and seconds semester as well. we got the result before the college suspension.

Still no one knows the real situation in BITE. We getting different different informations from others.

I would like to know about

1. If I get the mark sheets from BITE, is it valid?

2.My degree will be awarded by Coventry University, Whether can I join direct to Coventry University for doing the Dissertation.

3.Coventry University will take care of us?
4. Can I join in some other universities for complete the Dissertation. (credit transfer method)

If I complete in the other universities whether Can I get PSW?

I am in total confusion mood. Please some one seriously suggest me the right idea to go further to complete my studies and to get PSW.

Many thanks in Advance.


This post was submitted by Bala.

Statement from BITE Regarding their Licence Suspension

Fresh Statement from BITE Regarding Their Licence Suspension (5 September 2011)

Dear All,

I understand that many of you will be concerned regarding the recent situation with the UK Border Agency. I also understand that there are many rumours circulating about the effects of this situation. I want to assure you that our Chief Executive and his management team are doing all in their power to correct the situation.

On 12th July, the UK Border Agency temporarily suspended BITE from their list of sponsors while they investigated some alleged irregularities concerning the immigration status of some students at BITE. In the two most important cases, we have evidence to show that these allegations are unfounded. As a result, Dr Farmer has engaged the services of Quist Solicitors, who are experts in this field, and has started legal proceedings to re-instate BITE to the UKBA list. These proceedings are necessarily complex and will take some time to complete; however, we are confident that BITE will be back on the list within the next 2-3 weeks.

In the meantime, let me assure you once more that this temporary suspension does not affect your places at BITE. Your teaching will continue and your work will be assessed.

I believe that there have been rumours suggesting that, if the suspension lasted more than 60 days, BITE would be obliged to close down. Let me assure you that there is no such regulation. BITE will continue to operate as normal while this suspension is in operation.

Some of you will have applied for visa extensions. Those extensions will be held by the authorities while the suspension is in operation. For those of you who need to apply in the next few weeks, please contact the administration team for your particular course, who will be able to give you personalised assistance.

Professor Leslie Hobson OBE

British Institute of Technology and E-commerce

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Student Travel: How To Cut Costs and still have an awesome time

Every college student has heard the oft-quoted phrase, “While you’re still young, you should travel and see the world.” With college expenses and very little discretionary cash, traveling beyond the campus library for many is just a dream. Traveling during the off-season would make your vacation more affordable, but you can’t take the time away from your studies. You could travel between semesters, but accommodations are very expensive during peak travel periods. Some students put off their travel plans until they graduate and are able to take time off from their new jobs.

Traveling to a major capital city can be very expensive. We have a massive selection of cheap hotels in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York City and the rest of the world. You can vacation in the heart of a metropolitan city without spending your entire travel budget on your accommodations.

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The website includes a property description and explains whether the price includes amenities, such as towels, free breakfast and airport pick-up. You can search properties by price or rating. Many hostels have bars, internet access, parking, self catering facilities and laundry facilities. Our online world travel guides give travellers an overview of the destination city, things to do, where to stay and a map with satellite and terrain views. If you want to see guest comments on a property, you can read the online customer reviews.

With more than 3,500 destinations worldwide, guests can stay in the mountains, major cities or the countryside. We have modern buildings, historic landmarks and rustic inns. Hikers, cyclists, backpackers and eco-tourists can choose remote locations close to trails and parks. Shoppers and cultural tourist can select centrally-located properties near shopping districts, art galleries, cathedrals and museums. HostelBookers has affordable accommodations for every traveller and every budget.

One advantage of staying in a hostel is that they have common areas for socializing. You can meet and converse with fellow travellers from every corner of the globe. Some properties have TV lounges, DVD movie libraries and music. Other properties are situated near lakes, ski runs and other recreational attractions. Some hostel properties have kayaks, bicycles and other equipment available for rent. You can join other guests for onsite social activities and events or to experience the attractions of the host city. Front desk staff can provide you with additional information and assist you in making reservations.

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Worried About College Suspension

i had applied for tier 4 in the month of march and the college was BITE college. now more then three months r passed and my application is still unmeder too much worried now because BITE college is susspended. i had contacted the authorities of college and they asured me that this suspention is temporary an soon college will get clearence. i had submitted the fee and every what do u suggest me ? shall i withdraw my application? PLZ SUGGEST

This post was submitted by ambreen.

FDM Group supports outstanding IT undergraduates

FDM Group is once again supporting emerging talent within the IT industry by sponsoring an award for the Best Development Project at the University of Brighton.

Since January 2011 the UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, has been collaborating with the Sussex based University to offer a unique Master Class Programme to exceptional IT graduates.

The pioneering qualification incorporates all aspects of the highly successful FDM Academy Programme as well as a fully- funded MSc in Applied Computer Science.

But this commendable relationship between a top graduate employer and university did not begin here. FDM Group has been sponsoring the “FDM Prize” as part of the University of Brighton’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics prize-giving ceremony since 2008.

The admirable initiative aims to reward the most promising students in the school with a variety of prizes ranging from cash to membership of organisations.

The value of the FDM prize, which is open to final year Computing Programme students, has been demonstrated by the impressive track record of previous winners.

The first student to receive the FDM sponsored award, Jeremy Carey, who joined the FDM Academy Programme, now works as an Investment Banker placed at UBS in the USA.

Previous winners have also stayed true to their academic roots and are working as developers within some of the world’s leading companies.

This year’s winner, Wayne Haffenden, has shown great potential and was highly praised by his course leader for the project that has led to him winning the FDM prize.

FDM’s CEO, Rod Flavell, said:, “FDM Group is extremely proud to be sponsoring this valuable award once again. As a University of Brighton graduate myself I strongly believe in the value of supporting such promising local talent and feel that the awards serve to assure these future graduates that they clearly have what it takes to reach their goals.”

The University of Brighton is equally thrilled with the ongoing relationship. Professor Miltos Petridis, head of the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, said: “We are delighted to continue the university’s relationship with FDM Group through their continued support of this prize and the university’s validation of the Applied Computer Science MSc.”

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics prize-giving ceremony takes place on 27 July 2011 at 10am in the lecture theatre of the University of Brighton’s new £23 million Huxley Building.

For more information on FDM Group and FDM Academy please visit and

This post was submitted by sheira gorris.

Victim of LSBC

Dear All

I am one of the victim of London School of Business & computing.

I had paid 2000 pound fees and by the time i got the result of my visa, the colleges licence got revoked.

I tried to contact UKBA, The Awarding body, etc but in vain.

If anybody can let me know if anything could be done, i would be really obliged. If there is anything related to refund of fees from LSBC, pls do let me know or respond on

Thanks in advance.

This post was submitted by Bhavika Soneji.

FDM Group introduces review initiative to assessment days

In order to continuously improve its assessment process, FDM Group has introduced an anonymous feedback initiative to ensure it is providing graduates with the best possible experience right from the outset.

The UK’s largest IT graduate employer is committed to helping graduates break into the IT industry by providing a unique combination of industry centred training and real commercial experience.

Following a period of phenomenal international expansion, FDM is doubling its graduate intake to 1,000 in 2011.

However the “Best Technical Graduate Recruiter” of 2010 has already received a staggering 17,000 applications so far, therefore competition remains fierce.

To land a place on FDM’s competitive two-year graduate programme, candidates must shine throughout a day long assessment period which includes a logic, technical, soft skill and written test as well as other interviews and exercises.

To ensure that its recruitment process continues to meet the high standards of the company, FDM has introduced anonymous feedback forms to give attendees the opportunity to review FDM’s assessment days.

Since introducing the initiative to its London and Manchester Academies last month the company’s interview process has so far received an astounding response with 91% of the graduates who attended stating that their overall impression of FDM was “positive.”

When asked if they were still interested in joining FDM after the assessment, 98% of the attendees answered “yes”.

Business Support Manager Catherine Cheek said, “Interview processes may seem like an unlikely area for employers to evaluate. However the initiative and fantastic responses we have received so far just highlight how committed we are to providing graduates with the best possible service whether they decide to join FDM or not.”

To find out more about FDM Group please visit the website:

If you are interesting in joining the FDM Academy please visit:

This post was submitted by sheira gorris.

dependants visa refused, now in a mess

hi,i am new to this but anyway,last year on jan 2010 my wife applied for an extention on her student visa,she mention the two dependats on the main application form but forgot to fill in the two pbs form,we waited until 12 april when she got a letter to get her biometrics taken but not her two dependants,we called the home office and they advice us to fill out two pbs forms and send them in with the referance number they provided ,they told us to include the relevant fees.A month later they refused my wife aplication,but she could appeal which she did,in june home office return the dependats application as the fees paid where not enought ,we where in limbo ,we did not know if we had to make new application or wait till the main applicant appeal comes through ,which did suceed in dec 2010 ,we made fresh application in jan 2011 for the dependants ,which was refused in april 2011 ,saying the bank statement was not stamp on both sides and there is no appeal and administrative rieview as the application was made after the leave to remain has expired,any advice is hugeley welcome as i am stuck.

This post was submitted by john.

Bank Statement Requirements

Dear Sir:
I got admission for CELTA course in UK the course fee is 1100 pounds. its a one month course. I work in Saudi university, i get my slaray 11,000 SAR. at present I have 15000 in my current account. if I apply for student visitor visa, does it suffice? or shall i have to show my indian NRI account savings which i have 15 lanks. please reply, I am going to apply for visa in Saudi .

This post was submitted by joyce .