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Can dependent work full time after 1 july 2011 if admission is granted by University

I want to travel with my spouse to Uk but want to inquiry whether my spouse can work full time after 1st july 2011 as i have granted admission my University.

How will the abudhabi embassy process the University Applicants case? Cz they delay alot in processing the case….

Can i apply from Abudhabi on visit visa as i am pakistani


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Can Dependants Travel While College Licence is Suspended?

Hi everybody,

I am student of London College of Law & Management. My college is suspended since feb-2011. Still they are fighting to get the college back to the register but not successful.

Can anybody help that Is it safe for my wife and my son to travel to pakistan for 2 months on urgent basis. while I will be still in the UK.

will they face any problem in immigration when they return. Because college licence is still suspended, not revoked.


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Fee Refund Dispute with College

Dear Friends,

I ve got addmission for my Cousin from Kings and Katherine College London. I paid his Fee.
During the Addmission Process, I asked the Addmission advisor different times on Phone, that there will be no deduction from Fee apart from admin fee, in case of Refusal.
They never sent me any Paperwork, that would show me that There will be any deduction, Neither I got told by anyone.

My Cousin got the Visa Refusal.
I requested the Fee Refund. Now College is Offering me refund after deducting 3 Times of Admin Fee.

I want to go to Court, What do you advice me?????

Do you think, I should accept that amount, what they are offering to me?????

Thank you.


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Refund of Tuition Fees from LSA College

Hello there,

I am Roshan, and I paid £3550.00 to LSA for wife’s admission. Now, she is unable to attend the course due to pregnancy. We emailed the college that stating the problem and asked for the refund. But they said they are unable to give refund unless we have a visa refusal. So, we are help less.

Is there any one who can help us to get the refund please?


This post was submitted by Roshan.

10 Months and Still no Refund from Anglian College London

I was enrolled and Paid full one year course fees (Pounds 4300) at Anglian College London for course in 28th November’09 for January 2010 session and got VISA Letter and Fees paid receipt. I filled for Visa Clearance in Jan’10 in BHC. We waited for 6 months to get the visa and requested ACL to confirm about the Visa process and change the course start date. College confirmed us to get the file withdrawn and apply for refund. We did the same and got our Visa Application back on 1st August’10 and applied for refund on 2nd August’10 to college. We received the confirmation of refund from college that it would be processed. But now its been over 10 months have passed away after giving application of FEES Refund, We have communicated with college via Phone and Emails 100 of times. Every time college says that it is under process. Whereas college has sent us the REFUND POLICY that Refund will be sent back within 60 days after giving an application of Refund. It’s been 10 months now i am waiting for refund and i am really disappointed they way the college treats to me. I hope here are many students waiting for Refund by Anglian College London, UK. Please help/advice me on how to get refund ……

I am really disappointed they way the college treats to me. I hope here are many students waiting for Refund by Anglian College London. If any students having the same problem can contact me on +919996649995. Please help/advice me on how to get refund or should I take the legal action against college……

Gurmeet Singh
ACL – 1017308

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No Refund from Interlink College of Technology and Business Studies

I am enrolled in your school, Interlink College of Technology and Business Studies, with a course in Health and Social Care, Post Graduate Diploma NQF level 7. I am writing in response to the following matters: (1) Ground/reason that caused my visa application refusal; (2) To seek clarification of the reason/s why I cannot be issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS); and (3) To express my intention for a refund of the money I deposited in your school account.

Sir, permit me to give you a general idea of what has transpired for the past four months. 30th of November 2010, I paid the necessary amount of GBP 1,500.00 that your institution has required before issuance of CAS. The bank here in the Philippines, BPI-Ayala East Branch, where we deposited the said amount on the bank account details provided to us by your school registrar, Ms. Adunni Akindude, has confirmed the transfer of the money to Lloyds Bank in London. Regardless of the mentioned confirmation of the success of money transfer, it took us approximately eight days of follow-up before a CAS was issued on me. I will no longer include here the hassles this waiting period has brought me.

17th of December 2010, the result of my visa application was released and I was not granted an entry. The basis of the refusal as stated on the Refusal Letter was an invalid CAS (please see attached documents). I requested for an Administrative Review but the embassy upheld its first decision. Despite of what happened, I did not lose the confidence I have in your institution. After knowing the embassy’s final decision, I wasted no time and decided to have a reapplication immediately. I am updating your institution of my status and has always been prompt in following-up and requesting for my CAS. Every night for three to four months, I am contacting through calls, text messages, and e-mails Mr. D’ Islam, the contact person from your institution assigned to them however, he (Mr. D’ Islam) just kept on giving them words that later turned out to be empty and unreliable. I also talked to Mr. D’ Islam to inquire him of why I cannot have my CAS. Most of the calls were turned unanswered and there were calls he did answer but ended them up few seconds after. I sent him text messages containing my confusion and queries of the situation still these were left unanswered.

I really cannot comprehend the reason why I cannot be issued an error-free, accurate CAS even though I provided promptly all the necessary requirements. Recently, there were reasons provided as to why, but my question is why inform us this late; why only now and not during the time, may be, prior to the issuance of Letter of Acceptance.

Four months of waiting, I think, is enough, more than enough. I have already given too much of myself on this. I do not want to be stuck and caught on this situation any longer. I want to move and raise myself in making my aspirations a part of this world’s reality. In connection with this, Sir, with all humility, I am asking for a full refund of the money I deposited on the school’s account. I have confidence in the values uphold by your institution and believe with all my heart that you will adhere to these values.

Sir, please consider my case and take action on this.

I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me to communicate these matters to you. I hope I am able to bridge and convey to you my situation.

Please see attached files/documents.

Thank you once again and God bless.


Sheryl J. Dela Cruz

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Eradicating student loan debt problems

For a student, handling financial responsibilities is considered to be the toughest job. Students pursuing higher education rely on loans for their educational expenses. Before taking out the loan, ensure that you plan out your loan repayment strategy so that you can avoid incurring debt. Debt relief companies avoid managing student loan debt and remember, filing bankruptcy also will not discharge your debts incurred from student loan.

Therefore, here are some useful tips to reduce your debt burden and manage your money wisely:

1. The first step to reduce your debt woes is by calculating the total amount of debt you owe to the creditors. If you are not well organized, then you might have problems repaying your debts as you can lose track and default on your payments. You need to plan strategically to repay the loan. Try to prepare a list of the debts in descending order so that you can start working on paying your high interest debts.

2. Try to structure a budget so that it will be easier for you to curb your expenses and save a considerable amount to pay off the debts. You can prepare a list of your monthly income and expenses and formulate a budget plan according to your current financial situation. Budgeting will guide you to start within your means and in this way you can avoid incurring more debts.

3. You can approach your creditors to restructure you payment plan to make it affordable for you. You can convince your creditors regarding your financial crisis with proper evidence, for instance income proof, recent billing statements etc. Then your creditors might be willing to accept your settlement offer.

4). If you default on your student loan payment, then it can be a peril. Before taking out a student loan, try to analyse your career options so that you can secure a job after graduation. But if you are already struggling to pay off your student debt, then the above mentioned tips will guide you to repay your student loan debts.

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The Rising Cost of University Education in the UK

With the cost of university tuition fees potentially almost tripling in the UK, the question of “Is a university education really worth it?” becomes more and more relevant. In this infographic we take a look at some of the important (and not so important!) factors needed to answer that question.

How do you plan to cope with the raising costs of education here in the UK?

Cost of University Education in the UK

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Suspended for Poor Attendance

i m obaid.i was student of londonsam and they suspended me bcoz of non attendence.3 month i worried bcoz my extension will come at 31july,so my question is that can i take addmission in new college and can i apply for my extensin,i were arrived in 22jan plz tell me can i.plz i will very greatful if u reply my post and also as soon as possible.plz sir

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