Semester in Oxford with Oxford International Study Centre


 We shall be arranging an exciting cultural and academic programme for students who have graduated from High School or University and who wish to take a Study Abroad programme. The essential features of the programme are:

  • Selected lectures in the University(
  • Membership of the prestigious Oxford University Union and Debating Society(
  • Seminars and tutorials with a choice of over 20 subjects (at OISC)
  • Accommodation in the University (selected dates ) or with Oxford families
  • Hosted lunch in a College of the University
  • “Behind closed doors” visit to the colleges and libraries of the University

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Creative Educational Supplies – UK Companies Making Learning Effective And Enjoyable For Children

Early childhood care, development and education studies reveal that learning for children must come in a variety of situations. With the young ones’ shorter attention span, their immediate need to discover the world around them using all of their five senses, and their strong imagination, the usual classroom dynamics of being seated for a long time and merely listening to the teacher spew out information just would not suffice. These are just three of the reasons why art and play are crucial in early childhood education, as they create a more robust experience for learning. Continue reading

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Get the best results: A checklist for learning English in the UK

Would you learn Russian in Mexico? No, neither would I. So when you want to learn English shouldn’t you go to the home of English to learn it?

Studying English in the UK (That’s England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) makes a lot of sense. You ‘live’ the language and use it 24/7. Thousands of students make the choice of coming to the UK every year to learn English. Below are the essential things you need to think about before coming to the UK.

First thing you need to decide is ‘Do I need a visa’? If coming from Europe the answer is no. Coming from most other countries you would need a visa. Check the UKBA website to see what kind of visa you need. Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Distance Education

Education for anyone, anytime, anywhere – this is the obvious advantage of distance education programs. Education on demand, convenient options for examinations – people who have not had the opportunity for regular education can reap the benefits and using these qualifications, catapult themselves into the next level of economic existence.

The often unnoticed learning that happens from interaction with classmates and classroom instruction is the casualty. This is the ‘unseen’ disadvantage of distance learning. The more visible disadvantages are the poor quality of material and the complete lack of instruction; the contact programs that distance learning programs have are generally review assignments and prepare the candidates for the forthcoming exams. There’s not a great deal of free discussions that would happen in these sessions. Continue reading

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Ace that Test! Successful Tips for Online Learners in Higher Education

Ace that Test! Successful Tips for Online Learners in Higher Education
By Kyle Albert

For students who are enrolled in an online course, participation in activities and collaboration with peers are vital to gain success from this learning environment. But without the physical presence of classmates and professors, how are we going to accomplish that? In this entry, we will teach you the most effective and tech-savvy methods on how to lucratively immerse yourself in an online classroom experience and gain success out of it. Continue reading

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Fantastic Deals for ISIS Study Centres

Special Offers From ISIS and Advice For You Thailand

สนใจสอบถามรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมกับเจ้าหน้าที่ของ Advice For You ได้ที่โทร 02-982-4300, 02-982-4988, 086-302-1888 และสายด่วน 080-8099070-73 หรือ คลิ๊กที่นี่ เพื่อติดต่อเราค่ะ
Happy students outside ISIS Greenwich

An ISIS teacher in actionFounded in 1991 by David Brown and Robert Darell and with Royal support from Prince Charles, ISIS has grown to be a large and very popular English language school. Built on the ethos of low cost buy high-class academic standards, there are currently more than 7,000 students per year. Accreditations by both the British Council and English UK ensures the quality of teaching. ISIS has campuses in London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Toronto and Vancouver.

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Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

An Exceptional British Boarding School

สนใจสอบถามรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมกับเจ้าหน้าที่ของ Advice For You ได้ที่โทร 02-982-4300, 02-982-4988, 086-302-1888 และสายด่วน 080-8099070-73 หรือ คลิ๊กที่นี่ เพื่อติดต่อเราค่ะ

Queen Ethelburga's Students

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, founded in 1912, is a private, educational institution for girls and boys aged 5-18. The school has been recognized with many awards for teaching quality and is ranked #1 in the North of England. With an emphasis on small class sizes, students are thoroughly involved and engaged at all stages of their education. Queen Ethelburga’s students enjoy their studies and are well prepared for a successful career. This is reflected in the fact that 98% of students get admission in top UK universities. Continue reading

Money Saving Tips To Make A Student Loan Last

Money-saving tips to make a student loan last

Being a student is tough, particularly when it comes to finances. The cost of going to university is often too much for many students and they end up needing a loan.

If you’re taking out a student loan, there are a few money-saving tips to make it last a little longer.

Below you’ll discover some of the best ways to save money so you don’t feel the pressure of being permanently poor. Continue reading

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The Forgotten Truths Of Studying Abroad

Are you considering studying abroad? Going to university in your own country can be daunting enough, but travelling somewhere completely different can seem terrifying. However, there are many benefits that can come with studying abroad and below you’ll find out everything you need to know before you make the decision.

Understanding your options

You have two main options when it comes to studying in another country. Firstly you can choose to study a full degree course which will involve staying over there for the entire course period. The alternative is to choose a British university that gives you the option to study abroad for a year. The latter gives you the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Continue reading

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6 New English Teaching Projects

Six projects across England have been awarded £6m in government funding to teach English to the public using non-conventional methods.

They competed for funding with the aim of reaching 24,000 non-English speakers in so-called priority areas across London, the Midlands and the North.

The projects will be given funding initially but then encouraged to become self-sustaining.

Councils have been told they must encourage people to speak English. Continue reading